We’re not quite the Google, but we do work with clients all over the world; from the US, Hong Kong and Bermuda  and right across mainland Europe. We work globally, but we will always treat you as if you are in the same town. Prompt, efficient and reliable, and delivering to exceed expectations.


We might be a future-facing mobile app team, but sometimes the old fashioned ways are the best. That’s why we believe that face-to-face meetings are best and that’s why we see the clear benefit at meeting at your place of work, to talk about your digital project.

Since the Covid pandemic however, the way businesses meet and communicate has changed and although we fully support the benefits of face to face meetings, we are more than happy to have digital meeting.  So if you prefer Zoom, Teams, or Google Meet for example. we can accommodate your preferences.


Why not get in touch with us and we can discuss your project in more detail and give you our opinions and feedback.  We understand with new concepts and innovation that confidentiality is essential, therefore we are happy to sign an NDA before any information is shared.

To arrange a call or for more information about how to engage our mobile app design and development team call us on +44 (0) 1904 437645  or send us an email at hello@mindrockmedia.com