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Do you need 24/7 mobile app support?  We can offer this! We support our clients every step of the way, from the initial meeting where you may need to discuss your mobile objectives through to the support required after your app has gone live.  We continue to support for the long term, so you always have the reassurance that Mindrock Media are just a call away.


A mobile app should be built on a solid infrastruture to ensure your app is scalable as your user base increases. We ensure our mobile apps are build on these strong foundations using the likes of AWS and Azure for example and we can continue to provide the necessary support for these unlying technologies ensuring your mobile app always remains live and without disruption.


Typically new platforms will need data migrated from existing and possibly redundant platforms. We will support you each step of the way during this data migration process, and can provide the technical expertise to perform the data migration too.

Data migration is a critical process where accuracy is essential to ensure long term data integrity. We will make it happen seamlessly and securely, with no stress and no slip ups, following a clear process, with validation checks along the way, ensure 100% of data is tranferred correctly.

With our years of experiences moving business critical data, our approach is tried and tested, so we can guarantee no unexpected problems, and no interuptions to your business.


Mindrock offer a range of tailored support solutions to fit your business requirements. Do you need weekend support or 24/7 support – we can provide it! Support is tracked through our online support system, so easy to track progress.

We do everything in our extensive power to keep your platform operating and we use specialist monitoring to identify issues before they even occur.