Project Terms


Our standard terms and conditions are designed to ensure the smooth running of the project and to be in the interest of both parties. Please find specific details on our project terms below. Mindrock Media is the trading name for Acorex Ltd.

Mindrock Media shall expect the client to carry out sufficient research before proceeding with a project. This will include ensuring that the website or business will operate legally.

Mindrock Media will provide you a dedicated account manager who will respond to all requests within a maximum time period of 3 working days. In the event that the account manager is not available another employee of Mindrock Media will step in to ensure continuity of service.

Each project will be given an estimated completion date. All efforts will be undertaken to complete the project within these dates, however, the date is not guaranteed.

Payments are exclusive of any tax, unless stipulated in the Invoice. The client will be liable for any tax that is applicable at the prevailing rate.

Mindrock Media will only commence work on a project after receipt of a non-refundable deposit of the quoted project fee from the client.

Other payments to be made in line with the agreed payment schedule. The project will be made “live” once clients remaining balance is paid in full.

The deposit is non-refundable and should you wish to cancel at any point during the process you shall remain liable for the work that has taken place and shall be invoiced accordingly.

The final payment should be paid to Mindrock Media within 7 days of the final work being completed. Payments that are 28 days late or more from the first final payment request will incur interest penalties at the rate of 5% above the UK Bank of England base rate of interest.

Payments that are 28 days late or more from the first final payment could be handed to our credit agency and will incur a 15% penalty.

Email will be the method of contact with regard to all communication. Although Mindrock Media can be contacted by telephone, we will use email as our method of communication.

A final project brief will be sent to the client prior to commencing work. Any changes during the process could incur additional charges.

Mindrock Media may use open source technologies and has the right to use 3rd party plug-ins or expertise if required on any aspect of the project.

During the development of this project we will ask you to sign off various stages of the project. Failure to sign off any stage within 7 working days of issue will be deemed that you are happy to continue to the next stage and the project and will be treated as if that stage has been signed off.

Once a stage has been signed off all work within that stage will be considered final and fully approved by you. Any further change to work that has been signed off may require additional charges.

Client will sign off by email the final project as an acknowledgment of satisfaction. Once work has been signed off it will be considered complete by Mindrock Media.

It is the responsibility of the client to provide all text copy and images for the project. If the copy is not provided and delays the project, we will populate all text areas with ‘dummy text’ and continue as if the text was provided. At the end of the project the remaining payment will be due. We are not liable for any spelling or grammatical mistakes in the text.

Where images used on a website have been purchased by Mindrock Media on behalf of the Client, these images are strictly for use on the website only. Mindrock Media are not liable for misuse of these images by the Client or any other person copying, altering or distributing the images to individuals or other organisations.

Mindrock Media maintains the right to refuse any material which may be deemed offensive, abusive, defamatory, or in any breach of copyright law.

It is the duty of the client to establish the rights to any material supplied for inclusion in the project. Mindrock Media cannot be held liable for any breaches in copyright or privacy as a result of images or content supplied.

During the contract period including the 60-day free technical support post-completion, only Mindrock Media appointed technicians are to work on the project. Should any non-Mindrock Media technicians interfere with the project code or database, the support will void of any free support.

Mindrock Media will not be liable for any loss that may occur before, during or after the development of this project. This includes but is not limited to financial loss, human injury, or reputation.

Mindrock Media will host the project if the Client requires us to do so and on receipt of full payment of our Hosting fees. In doing so, Mindrock Media will endeavour to provide a reliable and professional service to the Client

Where asked to provide search engine optimisation for a client, Mindrock Media does not guarantee any specific placement or high ranking visibility on search engines.

Please take the time to fully read the contract and ensure that you understand each point. We will be happy to elaborate on any point should you wish. For any further questions please email