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Android and iOS Social Media, Auctions and VOD

Mindrock Media played a major role in the development and management of this Video On Demand (VOD) platform, producing mobile native apps for Android and iOS and a web platform and other supporting web sites such as their ecommerce solution, corporate web site, crypto web site and other key elements that made this high profile project such as success.


The brainchild and original concept of a Hollywood producer, this innovative and complex development project, was completely overseen by Mindrock Media.

We took the ideas and successfully turned them into a reality to produce a Video on Demand platform accessible through the channels you would expect for this type of platform.

With a large world wide user base, that is rapidly growing, due to unique content from some of the worlds leading stars, such as Selena Gomez, has made this platform a great success.

A number of complex integrations were also necessary for this platform, including integration with video ad serving platforms, Blockchain integration, drop shipping product providers and other content delivery channels, to ensure a seamless platform that can be accessed by the largest possible audience.


The platform continues to expand with more and more features being added. An example of this is the addition of a fully array of social media features, so users can share, comment and like posts from others, whether movie related or just of their own interest.

As the platform has expanded, auctions have been introduced that allows users to use the coins they earned to bid for auction items.

Our team supports the platform and architecture around the clock with 24/7 support, ensuring a reliable and stable platform for the huge user base.


October 9, 2019


Android, iOS, Mobile Apps