Tax Regulation with GPS

Tax Regulation App with GPS tracking

The Client sought a comprehensive cross-border management application for users to ensure they comply with the tax and visa implications for border entry/exit procedures. The app is genius in tracking where and when users spend time across borders and Schengen Areas.

Even rich and famous rock stars and footballers fall foul of tax laws and the requirements to keep accurate records, and the world of work and travel makes this task cumbersome.

The Client’s ultimate goal was to make compliance easier for cross-border workers and holiday homeowners.


Whether the user travels for business or pleasure, frequent travellers will know how Brexit has changed cross-border travel. Many border control authorities are clamping down on passports checks, looking for those exceeding their maximum stay.

For regular travellers to Schengen Zones, tracking how many days are spent in any one area can be tricky, and the complications when crossing borders can lead to headaches.
The team at Mindrock Media got to work to develop a seamless user experience to ensure confidence for effective tax compliance when visiting over the border from non-EU to EU countries.

The Ovrnite App offers a quick and easy way to keep track of all stays in tax or visa jurisdictions. Its intuitive tracking tools allow non-technical users to maintain highly accurate and reliable travel records.

Our UX/UI design team worked on creating a modern and dynamic brand with seamless navigation, with a dashboard enabling users to set targets and access all statistics and records of the critical elements of the application. Our development listened carefully to the brief.

Our expert team developed a first-class solution with attention to detail and powerful automation features that ensure users meet the criteria to travel abroad safely.


February 7, 2023


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