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Fitness and sports apps that stand out from your competitors

Health and Fitness apps are becoming more and more popular as individuals rely on their apps to improve their fitness.  Working on a range of high profile apps, some for high profile athletes, from fitness, boxing, football and motorcycling, we are gaining a reputation of being able to deliver fantastic looking sporting apps with cutting edge technology, that stand out from the crowd. This is essential in a very competitive marketplace, it is critical to be different.


The GluteDr. is an example of one such fitness app designed and developed by Mindrock Media.  This premium app is a the complete package, provider video guidance and motivation for all exercises from beginners to the most advanced of users.

A dedicated food plan section ensure the users stays within a defined meal structure in line with their daily exercises routine and their targets in goals.  In addition, the gallery allows user of the apps to take daily photos so they see the improvements that the app brings.

In addition, the interaction with the motivation module, gives the users the extra push and incentive to complete the whole program, and see the benefits from the final results.