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Social Media Mobile Apps

Innovative and feature rich social media, designed and developed

Social Media apps are probably the biggest success stories of the mobile app era – Facebook and Instagram are two of the best examples.

Our team have been involved in several major social media projects and delivered enterprise solutions capable of handling millions of concurrent users, with features on a par to the leading social media platforms.

To produce a platform capable of handling such volumes of users and an even larger number of transactions, is a specialist tasks, related to app development and server infrastructure, to ensure complete scalability as the app continues its growth to success.


The types of social media apps the team at Mindrock Media has worked are varied, a few examples are listed below:

    1. Social Media and Dating
      A social media platform that works in venues such as bars, restaurants and nightclubs.  Meet other who use the app and are in the same venue as you.  Video/voice call or message them, share photos and comment, even when no Internet is available, bluetooth is sufficient.  Personal data is always private unless both users agree to connect, a great way to meet new people on a night out.
    2. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
      A Blockchain solution that created a social media environment for the “paid” user base to discuss upcoming ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) and crypto with the aim of gathering user feedback to allow for group buying and selling of crypto currency.  The approach was a huge success and after the first 12 months of investment the social media group was over 450% in credit.
    3. Movies and Social Media
      Another great example of  bespoke social media platform that was build by Mindrock Media was for a Netflix type platform, but a free movie platform.  The platform included many of the features that are found in Facebook and Instagram and has gained a very large Worldwide user base, that continues to grow.