Crypto Trading and Marketplace

Crypto trading and marketplace

The dream for our Client was for an all-in-one crypto application and decentralised marketplace, making crypto more accessible via an app -a peer-to-peer marketplace, and a crypto payment platform where users can buy, sell, process payments, exchange peer-to-peer, and much more.

The project commenced to make crypto a part of everyday life globally, where crypto replaces fiat for the most part, overcoming obstacles posed by unfriendly user experiences and interfaces, scepticism with misunderstandings, and fear, especially in commercial markets.


The app covers more than a crypto marketplace for buying and selling, but also a wallet where users can store and manage over 30 different cryptocurrencies with the ability to create staking pools and exchange crypto with friends as well as process payments by sending money to family members and manage online bank accounts such as Revolut and Stripe.

BitcoinVend visualises cryptocurrency as the default medium of exchange with a comprehensive all-in-one marketplace with mass adoption in mind.

Bitcoinvend’s default fee token is their BCVT which gives users discounts in the app and other incentives.

We were proud to be involved in this decentralised e-commence and payment app with a team boasting decades of experience in business, finance, software, and app development and marketing. In addition, the group continues to forge relationships with like-minded, trusted partners focused on building a global crypto economy.


February 7, 2023


Android, Blockchain, iOS, Mobile Apps