Crypto Ratings Platform

Crypto and ICO community platform

The purpose of Ignite Ratings was to allow individuals who were interested to invest in crypto currencies and ICO’s, to have access to a bespoke platform that provided unbiased and transparent reviews of potential investments.

The reviews and ratings for each asset were provided by the community, ensuring genuine ratings that can be trusted by potential investors, as no conflict of interests from the vast community.

The ratings engine algorithm used a form of AI, to continue to revise its asset ratings and the ratings of the community, based on performance of the assets and the feedback each user received from the community.


The bespoke solution was completely built by Mindrock Media, to deliver a feature rich platform.  All platform users started with the same reputation, but as they became more involved in the community, posting reviews and rating others activities, the engine continually adjusted others reputation.

Depending on the feedback of the community, the platform would identify assets that were good investment opportunities.  Ignite would  invest in the opportunities that were identified by the platform, and would retain the investment until the community decided to sell.

The decision to sell would be through the voting platform where all assets and their current value could be tracked. Profits from the investments were shared with the community, based on their involvement with the analysis of the asset in question, and investment in other assets would continue.


October 9, 2019


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