Community Apps

Community Apps

Developing apps to benefit grass roots and the community

We can design and develop your marketplace app for buyers and sellers.  Well constructed user interfaces make it easy for users to buy and sell and make money when they sell their products through your platform.

With as few clicks as possible all processes are designed to be as efficient as possible, so one click buying, or simple selling processes, ensure the platforms give the users and exceptional expererience.

Payment Methods

The marketplaces we build can be designed to take a range of payment gateways, whether traditional currency such as dollars, pounds or Euros, or using gateways such as PayPal or even accepting crypto currencies such as Bitcoin.  We integrate the payment options that are required, there are no limitations.

Easy of Management

All marketplaces need to have comprehensive management tools to ensure that all elements are in full control of the platform owner.  Each marketplace has a different set of management tools, that we develop to ensure you have full control over your users, what they are listing, posting etc. as well as the management reports to gain essential detail on the performance of your marketplace.


April 5, 2020


Android, Blockchain, iOS, Mobile Apps