Biometrics and Blockchain App

Biometrics and Blockchain ID solution for Africa

ID has always been a problem for individuals in Africa. With the continued and rapid advanced in technology, in particular Biometrics, Blockchain and AI, this creates many opportunities to make improvement in areas such as sub Sahara Africa.

Not only does the ID platform providing individuals with ID, but also opens other doors to them, that were previously closed.


The platform developed by Mindrock Media will help to remedy this problem by making it easier for individuals to have a digital ID.  Innovative algorithms and biometrics integration into smart and feature phones, to ensure individuals in Africa can have ID, regardless of the limited technology their phone may have.

The platform also allows individuals without phones to have ID, by using the web portals that can be accessed at various locations.  As with any ID platform, security is paramount, and this is where the Blockchain technology proves invaluable with secure transaction history. In addition, the AI tracks users use patterns and will identify any abnormal usage.

In addition to the user ID’s, a servive provider portal has also been developed, which is integrated with the user ID platform, to allow additional services to be offered, in a secure and uncompromisable environment.


October 9, 2019


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